Swimming Cows!

Came across these pictures, and they definitely brightened my day...

Reminded me of one of my dearest friends, a kind and generous oxen named Laksman. When i was staying in India, we spent many hours together. I would share all the joys and sorrows of my heart with him and he would reciprocate in kind with rough oxen kisses on my arms and face. He is greatly missed and i look forward to the day my little sprout meets him.

All of the photos are courtesy of an organization called Care for Cows who rescue and rehabilitate injured, abandoned, abused, and neglected cows, oxen, bulls, and other animals around a holy town in North India. Their gallery is quite heart-warming.


Teetering Toddler-ing Yoga

Got the link to this article/essay from a Mothering.com e-newsletter this morning. Its from their archive. Thought it was share-worthy. Hope it helps you clear your mind and brightens your day!

Bear Claw Mama: Yoga with a Youngster Teaches a Whole New Way to Relax by Tracy Abell Issue 91, November/December 1998

What would compel a woman to attempt yoga while in the same room with a toddler? I was motivated after treating myself to a total body massage and learning that in the massage therapist's recent experience, the only body more tightly wound than my own had been that of a person confined to a wheelchair. The sad truth was that my body was taut in all the wrong places. And what was not taut was slack. In all the wrong places.

For instance, I had finally faced the realization that not only had I given
birth to a beauti- ful son two years earlier but I had also gained a third
breast. I am referring, of course, to my abdominal breast. The saggy, baggy
congregation of flab that bounced whenever I walked down the stairs or became
even slightly animated. My first thought was to pour all my energy and
finances into the creation of something the fashion world is sorely lacking,
i.e. an abdominal bra. But I got only as far as naming my unborn creation The
Ab-Bra Cadabra before admitting that lingerie would not solve my gelatinous

Determined to achieve calm beauty inside and out, I launched a
Zen-like assault on the doughy, stressed-out flesh that housed my soul. I
successfully completed Phase One by excavating my yoga relaxation videotape from
the pile where it was buried beneath Dr. Seuss's Butter Battle Book and Monty
Python and the Holy Grail.

Phase Two presented more of a challenge as it required getting out of bed in the morning and putting in the tape. I sleepily staggered out to the dark living room and kick-cleaned a space free of all the toys and books that littered the floor. Because I wanted to get started before my inquisitive toddler came to investigate, there was the sense of "hurry up and relax." I hoped that if I got at least partially into the workout before he joined me, I would be better able to cope with his interruption. I would grit my teeth and, dammit, keep relaxing no matter what.

The first few times my son brought toys and stuffed animals to me as I lay stretched out on the floor, my muscles tensed while I attempted to remain focused on the exercises. In a loud, frustrated voice I commanded Fletcher to give me space. I heard myself ranting and raving over the calm voice of the yogi, and eventually I had to laugh. So much for staying centered.

After several sessions characterized by brief periods of calm peppered with territorial warfare, I got smart and discussed with Fletcher his role in my exercise regimen before I started the tape. I explained that it was not okay for him to climb on me or drop wooden blocks on my stomach. I made it clear that it was unacceptable to pry my eyelids open, drive a truck into the side of my head, or pull on my toes.
Fletcher, in turn, negotiated a few alterations in the regimen by introducing hugs and kisses into our routine. Instinctively understanding that someone in search of inner
peace rarely turns away a tender embrace, he expressed his love physically.

I began to understand that what I needed to do was to increase both my
muscular and mental flexibility. Whenever Fletcher put a stuffed frog on my
head, I tried to incorporate it into my routine. Start with your feet. Relax
your toes, your instep, your ankles. Relax your shins, your knees, your thighs.
Relax the frog. Let yourself go.

As we settled into our daily routine, Fletcher started recognizing yoga movements and imitating them throughout the day. He practiced "bear claws" and "lion face," and whenever he saw me utilize a tension-reducing exercise, he would call out, "Yoga man!" Soon Fletcher began to act as my coach on those mornings when I was overwhelmed by the prospect of getting vertical. He crawled over me in bed whispering, "Mommy. Wake. Bear claw. Yoga man."

This became our compromise, our special routine. Although the
yoga sessions were not interruption-free, they were mostly peaceful episodes
that soothed our collective beast. And, best of all, every time I reached the
end of the tape where the yogi directed me to a positive visualization, I
considered it a double victory that not only was I completely relaxed but that
my visualization could show me the image of a happy, healthy, beaming Fletcher.
And his frog.

Tracy Abell lives in Colorado with her husband Kurt and their sons Fletcher (3) and Harlan (8 months). She continues to strive for more physical and emotional flexibility.


Powerballs Part Duex

There was a Pyramid (as Egyptians, we have an affinity for them) of Powerballs that were Promptly Popped into a little mouth by Plump hands...some of the action was caught on film. Lets go to the video-tape...

What can i say? They are pretty irresistable! This powerball avatar featured cherries, chia seeds, and many more goodies. Recipe to follow soon.


Light from Rumi

Today i am in the mood for mystics...
here is something from dear Rumi (from Whispers of the Beloved – Maryam Mafi and Azima Koln p.48)

To be or not to be
Is not my dilemma.
To break away from both worlds is not bravery.
To be unaware of the wonders
That exist in me,
Is real madness!

Rumi by Lisa Dietrich



I am on the lookout for a better template for this little bloggy endeavor...any suggestions?



Here is a little something we whipped up and then rolled up the other day. These little guys do pack a powerful punch, providing lots of sustaining energy and deliciousness. The little one dug them too.

My intention was for them to be 100% raw, but i couldn't find the raw buckwheat groats for the life of me. So we used toasted ones (i.e., Kasha). Next time i make them they will be fully un-cooked.

Donia's Powerballs
1/2 cup buckwheat groats
1/2 cup raw unhulled sesame seeds
1/2 cup shredded coconut
1/4 cup chia seeds
5 opened up caps of Aquazon
3/4 cups dates

In a food processor combine Buckwheat, Sesame Seeds, Coconut, Chia Seeds, Cacao Nibs, Powershake, and Aquazon. Process until a coarse powder (admittedly not all the seeds will be totally powder-y).

Add dates. Let dates get integrated into the mix. Add Cashew butter. This should make everything more dough-y. Add more cashew butter if its not coming together enough (for a nut-free version you could use tahini or sunflower seed butter).

Roll into balls or other shapes. Thank the universe for such marvels. Enjoy!

Since i didn't take any pictures of these treats (little hands kept on snatching away, biting into, and putting back what was on the plate), here is a photo of the lovely raw choco-coconut pudding we had a few weeks ago (in my great-grandma's bubble bowls). When it is recreated the recipe will be shared.


At First Sight

Love. (yes, my boy's best friend is a soccer ball)

Rockin' Woolies courtesy of one of my Egyptian Aunties. Two right feet courtesy of Lion Cub.

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