birds of my neighborhood

Yesterday afternoon our backyard was all a-buzz...or rather all a-chirp with activity.

We had a lot of fine-feathered visitors and a furry one too.

Apparently, the grass and bugs are excellent at our yard cafe.

Don't want to drop names, but here are some of the folks that stopped by:

Dear ole' Ms. Groundhog. (Picture curtesy of a really cool site, Heavy Petal!)
A harbinger of Springy-ness, the American Robin.

The classic cardinal. We heard him before we saw him.

Blue Jay. Beautiful, noisy, and a bit bossy.

A pair of graceful Northern Flickers!

Crows. RIP, Brandon Lee.

A woodpecker, don't know if it was this kind or this kind.

Lots of Starlings.

There were others too, but i didn't catch their names.

And here is the beautiful album that inspired this post title by one of my very favorite bands. Check it out!

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