Nature's Soap!

Soapberries/Soap Nuts/Sapindus! Another one of Momma Earth's gifts!

I really dig the fresh, slightly sweet scent of these...when my boy's Indian Grammie saw us using them to wash his cloth diapers, she told me they are also wonderful as a natural baby shampoo!

Here is a little something i came across about the glories of Soap Nuts. Its from here:
Soap Nuts. Yes, somewhat of a strange thing… Slightly out of my comfort zone when I first heard of them. But with the problems we had with hard water and build up, I was finally willing to try anything. Even if it was a nut (technically a berry) that grows on trees.

An About Soap Nuts Quicky

Soap nuts grow on Sapindus trees and they contain saponin. This saponin is released when the harvested shells come in contact with warm or hot water. Soap nuts have
become a popular environmentally friendly alternative to manufactured, chemical detergents. They are also safe for washing delicates, silks and woolens.

Why Use Soap Nuts?

One good reason of course is the environmentally friendliness of soapnuts. They don’t require any manufacturing to be made since they just grow on trees. Soapnuts also have natural anti-microbial agents so there is no need to add bleach to kill bacteria. People with sensitive skin can also benefit from the seeds of the Sapindus tree because the nuts have proven to be gentle and effective for those who suffer from eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions.
Amazingly enough, soap nuts even have insecticidal properties and
can be used as a wash for the treatment of lice or gardening.
If you are using cloth diapers and have experienced annoying problems with build up, soap nuts may be the solution since they can strip diapers and leave no residue. This means an extra rinse is not necessary after each wash to make sure they are rinsing clean. Now your diapers can be done faster and you’ll use less water.
Saving money is something a lot of people like to do and soap nuts has such a wide variety of uses such as laundry, cleaning and body care that one could potentially save money on the many different products they need to buy on a monthly basis.
How To Use Soap Nuts
It’s really simple. You have two choices for laundry… to make a liquid or to put 4-5 soap seeds in a muslin bag and add to the drum of the wash machine.
To make the liquid you simply boil water and add soapnuts. How much you use epends on the concentration and amount of soap nut liquid you will use. You don’t want to make too much since it will spoil. We do a lot of laundry so this is what I do:
Boil 12 cups of water and add 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of soap nuts.
Boil gently for 30 minutes.

This liquid can also be used for cleaning countertops and more. Add some essential oils to give it a nice scent.
Get more personal use and cleaning recipes using soap nuts.
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