Massage Therapist Meditation

As much as i wish it was, this is not a meditation to draw a massage therapist to you.

It is an exercise given by a dear friend who happens to be an incredible healer of the massage-therapist persuasion (if you are ever in the Wheeling, WV area you can find her at the Oglebay Park Spa).

When i asked her how she clears her mind, here is the visualization exercise she shared...

Keeping your mouth closed, inhale and exhale deeply through your nose.

Visualize the color Pink (she uses a lot of crystals in her healing work so she pictures rose quartz or kunzite, but any pink will do).

Breathe that Pink in through your Crown Chakra and out your Heart Chakra.

Then reverse it...

Visualize breathing Pink in through your Heart Chakra and out your Crown Chakra...

Reverse again and so on...

She added that she also likes to use the color Green.

(These Beautiful renderings of the Crown and Heart Chakra are by Lindy Longhurst and can be found at her website)

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